Contact Sheets

Colour film contact sheet First Attempt Second Attempt Third Attempt Final Print (done in the dark room with the contrast turned up on the enlarger). Two images from this: Digital Contact Sheets Studio Shoot with mum and grandma. Shoot 2- Grandmas House (some were taken on colour film this is why there are few photos) … More Contact Sheets

Colour Film

All these photographs were taken on a Pentax Film camera and after i developed the film i scanned them onto my blog.   I took a picture of this plant for the ‘Objects’ part of the brief this is because this plant means a lot to me as i bought it myself when i was … More Colour Film

Feedback 10/11/15

Shaun had a look through my blog and said that the things i need to do are: finish off my research of the photographers, get my darkroom images from the large format camera onto my blog and annotate them.

Initial Photographs

These are some of the initial photos I have taken for the brief People, Places and Objects. I will evaluate each one and talk about improvements. The one of the first photographs I took for people, places and objects was of my grandma while we were making fudge. I like how the natural light is … More Initial Photographs


26/10/15 I plan to go to my grandma’s house on Thursday (29/10/15) and take pictures of her and her house and objects on my digital and film camera while we are making fudge in her kitchen. I will use natural and the artificial lighting in the rooms 2/11/15 I plan to bring my mum and … More Plan