Large Format Photographs.

I experimented with the Sinar P 4 x5 Large Format camera in which i used the Hardman Direct Positive Paper. I did two shoots both using continuous lighting one of my friend Laura and another shoot of my mother and grandmother. In the second shoot i used two softbox lights.

Sinar PHarman-Direct-Positive-Paper

First Shoot- Laura. (Experimentation with the Sinar P)

Laura7 Laura6 1 Laura6 Laura9

I used the continuous lighting to shoot all of the large format images. First i got Laura to sit sideways and as can be seen i clearly didn’t leave the shutter open long enough as all the photos are too dark. I did improve them by increasing the time but in the end all were underexposed.

Laura10 Laura11

I next tried taking a full face portrait which came out better exposed but i still didn’t like her expression so i then i tried her sat the other direction to the original position.


After getting Laura to sit the other way and getting a good exposed photograph, i decided that i preferred the original way that she was sat as i liked the way her fringe falls on her face.

Laura5 Laura4 Laura3Laura1 Laura2

I preferred when Laura sat this direction and when i found a good exposure i decided that i liked the shadow in the background and wanted to make it more prominent so i increased the power on the light to make it more intense.

I like the last picture the best even though it is slightly blurry.


Second Shoot (Mum and Grandma)


Grandma4 Grandma3 Grandma2 Grandma1 Grandma6 Grandma5

For my grandma i just did a full face portrait. I eventually got the exposure right and made her smile slightly. I focused the camera just on her face and blurred out her body. I like the last two photographs the best and if i were to change anything i would have done more prints but i had a limited amount of time and go the most don’t that i could regarding situations.



Because the large format images were taken on positive paper not negative these are too dark and therefore under exposed.


I don’t know the reason why this photograph has a line on it when developing it i noticed it and leaved it in the developer longer to see if it would disappear but it didn’t so i carried on shooting.


This photograph is over exposed as it is too light.













I like this photograph as it was the best exposed of all of them. I managed to capture the contrast between the light and dark.


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