Colour Film

All these photographs were taken on a Pentax Film camera and after i developed the film i scanned them onto my blog.



I took a picture of this plant for the ‘Objects’ part of the brief this is because this plant means a lot to me as i bought it myself when i was 9/10 years old for my mother for mothers day the one that me, my brother and mother had spent with my dad. Every year it persists to re flower and i want to think that it represents how strong me, my brother and mother are together as a family unit. I purposely haven’t changed the f stop to block out the background because it shows a planet object i made as a child which also reminds me of my mother and some other household objects. I think that if i was to re shoot this image i would increase the f stop to block out the background to see what the image would look like other than that i wouldn’t change anything about this image i believe i have achieved the right exposure on the image i would just like the colours to be slightly more vibrant but i can edit this on Adobe Lightroom if needed.


I photographed the mop and bucket because it is obviously a household item that reminds me of home and comes under the ‘Objects’ part of the brief. I like how i have photographed it outside where it was and not staged it inside which was my intent. The only alteration i would make to this photograph would be to edit the vibrancy saturation on Adobe Lightroom because the colours on the mop didn’t come out as bright on the film.


These are pictures i took of my cat which i would associate with the ‘People” part of the brief although he is not a person he is still a part of my family and is associated with me. Also it would come under the ‘Places’ part of the brief because all three pictures were took in my back garden. I took these photographs because it reminded me of one of the only things he has to do in his life which is clean himself as shown in the photos where he is licking his paw. When thinking about the composition of these photos i knew i wanted to be on his level and not take them from above purely because i wanted to make the photographs about him this is why i tried to get him more central in the photographs. Although i wanted the focus of the photos to be about him i didn’t change the f stop because i wanted the surroundings to still be shown in the photos as i associate my cat with the outdoors because he prefers being outdoors. If I were going to change the photos i would edit them on Adobe Lightroom to increase the vibrancy/saturation slightly as i would like the colours to ‘pop’ more and decrease the exposure just on his white fur as it was very reflective of the light. The reason i didn’t move the cage out of the background is because i have chosen to base my brief around me/ the normal everyday/ candid photography, so i don’t want most of the shots to look staged i want them to be how they are.


I wanted to capture this moment because i have always thought it was strange the way my cat moved when my mum brushed him. I wanted to capture the hair on the floor because it amazes me how much fur he has even though he is so old.



This is one part of my kitchen and comes under the ‘places’ part of the brief. The kitchen is obviously a part of my day because i have to eat. I like how I’ve captured the light coming through the window onto the things on the surface and i wouldn’t change the exposure on this photograph. If i was going to change this photograph i would probably shoot a picture of the whole room or a prominent object because from that photograph you can’t really tell its the kitchen.


img020 img010

Both of these images were taken in my garden. They both come under the ‘Places’ part of the brief but the picture on the left is also a part of ‘Objects’. i took theses photos with the hutches in because i like the mystery behind them, they’re obviously a part of me because my pets are in there but i like the fact that if anyone else looked at them they wouldn’t necessarily know they were hutches. As you can tell I’ve photographed the garden as it was including the old sofa that is there because we got a new one. Again because of the film the colours haven’t come out as in person and both pictures have a green glare over them but i could alter this on Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop but i like them as then are because I am basing my project around candid photography/ myself.













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