Evaluation and Reflection.


I mainly used secondary research for this unit because it was the most accessible. I mainly used the internet because I found it easier to find information about certain photographers but I did also look through some of the ‘British Journals’ in the college Library in which I found some images that i found useful.

For accessibility i chose to compose a blog for my Unit 1-4 as i found it easiest because i can access it on my phone and I don’t have to carry it with me on journeys unlike a sketchbook. I also found it easier to type than hand write and the organisational skill of the blog is useful.


I enjoyed this brief but i wish i had more time to shoot some more images. For this brief i found it hard to research and find photographers because its such an obscure subject and so general instead of a topic that is specific like “landscape”. I believe for the next brief that i can improve on my planning.


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