Photographers whose work relates to my idea for Brief 1.

Richard Billingham Richard Billingham is an English photographer who is best known for the photobook “Rays’s a Laugh” published in 1996 where he documents the life of his alcoholic father Ray and his obese mother Liz. Here is a video of the book: Ray’s a Laugh is thought to be a portrayal of the poverty … More Photographers whose work relates to my idea for Brief 1.

William Egleston

Born in Tennessee and still works there. His subject matter is normal everyday. He only takes one picture of one thing. He started with black and white film and printed them himself. He spent many years at various universities and studied Art but never graduated. In the 1960s he shot his first role of colour … More William Egleston

Landscape Photography

Joseph Mallord William Turner Joseph Turner was one of the original painters of landscapes and seascapes in Europe. He used new techniques to make skies and clouds look luminous. People at the time were very opinionated about his work because it was unlike any other artists at the time. He commonly used watercolour for his … More Landscape Photography